Part Ⅴ:Payment支付
A: Can we pay for this phone with cash on delivery, Mark?马克,我们买这部手机可以货到付款吗?
B: I’m not sure. Most Internet sites require a bank card to buy goods.我不确定。大多数网站都要用银行卡来买东西。
A: We’d better ask before we pay for it.咱们最好买之前问清楚。
pay sth. with cash on delivery货到付款
pay online在线支付
debit card借记卡
postal money order邮政汇票
wire transfer电汇
Part Ⅵ:Problems with ordering订单问题
A: Oh no! I accidentally ordered this book! I didn’t mean to!唉,糟了!我不小心订了这本书!我本不想买这本书的!
B: Don’t panic, Trina. Just click here and you can chat online with customer service representatives. They’ll help you correct the mistake.别慌,特瑞纳。点这里,你就可以跟客服人员网上聊天,他们会帮你修改这个错误。
A: Oh, great. I’ll do that now.哦,太好了,我赶紧去找客服。
customer service客服;customer service representative客服代表
例:Their customer service is terrible. They never reply to my emails.他们的客服真差劲,从来都不回我的邮件。
Part Ⅶ:Getting items replaced换货
A: Chris, I want to replace this table lamp and get a bigger one.克里斯,我想把这盏台灯换成一个大点儿的。
jh6688.com_【官方首页】-3G计划网B: I don’t think that’s a problem. We haven’t opened the package, so I think we can replace it.我觉得没问题,我们都还没打开包装,所以我想我们能换货。
jh6688.com_【官方首页】-3G计划网A: Oh good. I’ll contact the website now and place a return and replacement order.哦,太好了。我这就联系下网站,下一个退换货订单。
1.replace sth.换货
例:Do you think the company will replace our broken table?你觉得这家公司会给我们换这个坏掉的桌子吗?
2.return and replacement order退换货订单
Part Ⅷ:Making returns退货
A: I’m so angry! This online company won’t let me return these pants I ordered.气死我了!这家网店不给我退我订的这条裤子。
B: Why not? They don’t fit.为什么不给退呢?穿着不合适呀。
A: They say they don’t accept returns, and I should have measured myself carefully before I ordered.他们说不接受退货,还说我下单前应该仔细量好自己的尺码。
return作及物动词时用法为return sth.,意为“退还某物”;作名词时,常用returns,意为“顾客退回给零售商的商品”。