海南允许个人开发无人海岛 成为“岛主”不再是梦

Wuzhizhou Island, off the coast of Sanya, Hainan province, is now a popular tourist attraction in the tropical paradise. [Photo by Xing Guangli/Xinhua]

The regulation requires any entity or individual wanting to develop uninhabited islands to first submit an application, development plans and project appraisal reports to the ocean authorities for review and approval.


海南省要求,编制无居民海岛(uninhabited islands)开发利用具体方案应依据有关法律法规、规划、技术标准和规范(in line with requirements of the central and provincial governments to cultivate ocean ecology),合理确定用岛面积、用岛方式和布局、开发强度等,集约节约利用海岛资源;合理确定建筑物、设施的建设总量、高度以及与海岸线的距离(the heights of buildings and facilities, as well as their distance from the coastline should be reasonable),并实行海岛保护措施,建立海岛生态环境监测站(点)(monitoring stations),防止废水、废气、废渣、粉尘、放射性物质等对海岛及其周边海域生态系统造成破坏(wastewater, gas, residue, dust and radioactive substances must not damage the ecosystems of the islands and their surrounding waters)。


The regulation sets a limit of 15 years for aquaculture uses, 25 years for tourism and entertainment, 30 years for salt and mining industries, 40 years for public welfare purposes and 50 years for ports, shipyards and other construction projects.


办法称,无居民海岛开发利用期限届满,用岛单位或个人需要继续开发利用的,应当在期限届满两个月前向海南省人民政府申请续期(apply for renewal)。准予续期的,用岛单位或个人应当依法缴纳续期的无居民海岛使用金(pay the lease fee)。未申请续期或申请续期未获批准的,无居民海岛开发利用终止。


www.07255.com_【官方首页】-彩神彩票2010年3月1日,中国《海岛保护法(Island Protection Law of the People's Republic of China)》出台,明确规定无居民海岛(uninhabited islands)属国家所有,由国务院代表国家行使无居民海岛所有权(uninhabited islands belong to the state, and the State Council shall exercise the ownership of uninhabited islands on behalf of the state),凡是无居民海岛开发利用,都必须报经省级人民政府或者国务院批准并取得海岛使用权、缴纳海岛使用金。


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