Erica Shaw


From her home in Dubai, Erica Shaw logs onto GoNabit.com, one of the newest group-buying websites in the Gulf region. Well, first thing in the morning, I usually do check and see if I have any emails or texts from the night before, just to see what the deal of the day is. The mother of three and American is just one of the many people in the region taking advantage of online group-buying that’s all the rage. It’s not such a way of saving money, but also introducing you to a lot of the new facilities that are offered here in Dubai. Group-buying is a recently-developed shopping strategy originating in China. Several people connect over the Internet. The group then agrees to purchase an item or a service and benefit by paying less. The business benefits by selling multiple items at once. Similar group-buying sites have popped up in Europe and America. Even though these websites have been up and running for a few years, here in the Middle East it’s a fairly new phenomenon.在艾瑞卡 · 肖位于迪拜的家中,她正登录GoNabit.com网站,这是海湾地区最新的团购网站之一。 “每天早上的第一件事,我通常要检查下邮箱,看看前一天晚上有没有什么电子邮件,仅仅为了获取当天的促销信息。www.amam8.com_【官方首页】-澳门娱乐场” 这位有着三个孩子的美国妈妈,只是当地团购网风靡热潮的众多追随者之一。 “它(不仅)是一个省钱的方式,也向你介绍很多迪拜当地的新鲜事物。” 团购是最近发展起来的购物模式,起源于中国。一些人通过网络聚集起来,以团体的方式一起购买同一商品或服务,享受更优惠的价格。而商家得益于一次销售大量商品。www.amam8.com_【官方首页】-澳门娱乐场 在欧洲和美洲,类似的团购网站也早已出现。尽管那些网站已经启动并运行了几年,在中东,这还是一个相当新鲜的现象。 翻译:方小异 all the rage:be very popular or fashionable at the moment pop up:Appear unexpectedly,like windows opening on a computer screen. up and running:something working fine, good or excellent